Interactive Marketing Platforms

We aren’t expert at marketing, just expert in Dallas interactive marketing technology, platforms and services to help you design, deploy and operate state-of-the-art marketing tools and technologies. We help agencies, brands, and enterprises execute the technology used for online marketing, sales funnel development, social media marketing, email marketing, search marketing, and inbound marketing.

Services for Dallas Interactive Marketing

  1. Develop web pages exactly to the pixel of your design
  2. Create landing pages and squeeze pages
  3. Set up lead generation forms
  4. Design and deploy analytics tagging, metrics, and parameters
  5. Set up Google Analytics, PPC Conversion Tracking and Goals tracking
  6. Email template design, development, testing
  7. Email campaign deployment services – you do the marketing, we deploy the campaigns and worry about the tracking and testing
  8. Email Double Opt In processes and Canned Spam Compliant solutions
  9. Animations and Slide show development in Java Script and HTML5
  10. SEO Optimize web platforms for CSS and HTML error-free code and clean URLs
  11. Set up Vanity URLs, 301 Redirects, and custom 404 Error handling and tracking

If you have lots of great interactive marketing ideas and campaigns planned but don’t think your team has a grasp of the technical complexities involved, then give us a call 972.200.4752. ¬†We help sales and marketing team make their ideas a reality. We work with your staff and can offer consulting, training, mentoring, and platform set up services.